MyScoreIQ Reviews-Check Your Credit Score

MyScoreIQ Reviews

This MyScoreIQ reviews is created to provide you more information about this company and how their different plans work. so lets get strait to the point!

MyScoreIQ is a company that offer credit report monitoring service, helping you to have a regular gateway to your Fisco score  and credit reports. By tracking your personal credit, you will know when there is a increase or a decrease in your score, so you have a chance to work on time on any aspect that are affecting your credit negatively.

Your credit score determines what type of credit card or load you can get and the interest rate that you are going to pay, for instance, your score is one of the most important aspect of your financial information. For that reason, having a trusted credit report tracking company like MYScoreIQ is really important for your financial future.

In my Review:

  • Create MyScoreIQ Account
  • MyScoreIQ Plans
  • MyScoreIQ Pros And Cons 
  • Alternative to MyScoreIQ

How to Create a MyCreditIQ User Account

Creating a MyCreditIQ account is super simple. You just need to have some basic information available like your full name, Social security number and a valid ID like your driver license to get started.

Here are the steps to sign up for an account:

  1. When you are in MyScoreIQ website click on Enroll Now 
  2. Provide your personal information 
  3. Enter your email address and choose a password
  4. Pick the plan that you prefer and provide your payment information
  5. Provide your social security number to verify your identity
  6. Answer some question related to your previous address

After you finished with the sign up step you will be ready to start using MyCreditIQ portal to track your credit.

MyScoreIQ Plans

There are four different plans that MyScoreIQ offers. If you notice, every plan offers a different level of protection future for an additional price

MyScoreIQ Plans

The MyScoreIQ Max Plan

The  MyScoreIQ Max Plan include everything, from your Fisco score to your credit report from the top three credit bureaus and your report will be monitored daily through this company. The price for the Max Plan is $34.99 per month and it is designed to protect yourself from identity theft and frauds.

Max Plan comes with $25,000 to protect all the family members in your household. On top it includes a Fisco Score simulator to give an clear idea of how to plan your payment and increase your score.

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MyScoreIQ Pro Plan

The Pro Plan is $24.99 per month and it is created for people trying to get close attention to their credit score and keep their credit background clear as well. The key future in the pro plan in monitor your personal information again crimes, and make sure that your name don’t paper in any criminal record or activity that does not belong to you

MyScoreIQ Plus Plan

The Plus Plan is one level up from the MyScoreIq Secure Plan, and allow you to view your credit report from all the major credit bureaus, but only one time per year. If by any case a fraudster intent to change  your address or anything in your account, Plus Plan includes address changing monitor to protect your information.

The price for the Plus Plan is $14.99 per month and is useful for does of you that want to track your credit score with all the major bureaus like Transition, Experian And Equifax. 

<<< Click here to get more information about MyScoreIQ Plus Plan >>>.

MyScoreIQ Secure Plan

The MyScoreIQ Secure Plan is consider the basic plan. This plan allow you to get your credit report from only one of major credit agencies and have your credit monitor every days from that credit bureau. This plan give you also, alert if there is any change on your report.

Secure Plan compensates you for up to one million if your fund are stolen from any identity theft. It is very good to have this fund, because it will cover your expert, lawyer and your personal expenses that you incurre to recover your record from identity theft. 

The price for the Secure Plan is $9.99 per month and it is useful for people looking for basic credit monitoring.  Visit MyScoreIq website for more details

MyScoreIQ Pros And Cons


  • Complete Credit Outlook from the 3 Major Credit Bureaus
  • Insights into Your Report Profile
  • Alerts for New Accounts and Other Report Changes
  • National and International Criminal-Record Monitoring
  • Social Security Number Alerts


  • MyScoreIQ does not have a mobile app
  • The special $1 dollar offer should be at least for 15 days instead of seven
  • There is many free alternatives

Credit Report Alternative For MyScoreIQ 

In my opinion, I think that MyScoreIQ credit report services are very good, and the price is really affordable, but there are other alternatives that you can try like Credit Karma and other credit report companies, that you can get a good check up on your credit report.

<<< Get access to MYScoreIQ Website Here >>>

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