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In this Click Bank review post, I will be talking about the most popular affiliate network on the internet, in fact, the place where almost every digital marketers go, when they are trying to sele other people’s products. I this post, I will be showing you, the necessary steps, if you are interested in how to start making money online with Click Bank.

What Is click Bank?

Click Bank is the largest affiliate network in the world, and the number one website where you can find other people’s products, to promote and make money through your affiliate link. I can tell you that all affiliate marketers, with different levels in the market, had made money with click bank.

According to Wikipedia, Click Bank is an affiliate marketing program. It was founded in 1998 and is privately-held. The company has more than six-million clients worldwide. which secured it in becoming the 87th largest Internet retailer in North America.

 In 2011, the site had attracted over 1,500,000 affiliate marketers, approximately 100,000 of whom were designated as ‘active’ at any given time. (

How does Click Bank Work?

The way Clickbank work is not complicated at all, you just need to start by signing up. Search their database for a product that you may be interested in promoting, grave your affiliate link, and drive traffic to your offer throughout organic content, like a product review or paid traffic like Facebook, Google or Bing pay per click. When someone may purchase, you get your commission.

Steps To Promote Click Bank Products

Here in this click Bank review, I will show you the steps that you need to follow to start with Click Bank, so you can start promoting digital products, and get your commission payout when the product is sold.

Step Number 1:

Creating Your click Bank Account

Go to and complete the signup form. Provide your information like email, password, and creating your nickname. When you complete this step, you can access the click bank market place, and start getting your product to promote. Here is how the Click Bank home page looks like.

Click Bank Home Page

When you click over the sign-up button, you will be landing on a page like this, where you can provide your information by completing the form. 

Click Bank sign up Page

Step Number 2

Creating Your Click Bank User Profile

After creating your account and agree whit their terms and conditions then you want to start to completing your client profile.

Click Bank Affiliate Setup

Setp Number 3

Login to Your Click Bank User Account

Login to your click bank account by entering the nickname that you have created before, enter your password, and you are going to be taken to your click bank affiliate page. Now you can see the stat of your earning if you have generated any sale. The page looks like this one below.

Step number 4

Choosing Click Bank Product To Promote

After login, you want to go to the market place, then choose the product you want to promote. There are many categories like Make Money Online, or any other, click on the category and pick your product.

Click Bank Market Place

I personally suggest that it is a better practice to pick a product that has a gravity of at least 20 because it means that the product is already selling well and people are making money promoting it. 

Step number 5

How to Create Your Click Bank Affiliate Link?

When you find the product that you want to promote, the next step is to create and grave your affiliate link. See the image below, when you have your desire product hit on the promote button.

Click Bank Products Page

Using The Click Bank HopLink Genarator

After clicking on promote, you are going to see another window. Enter your nickname into the field and an optional tracking code if you want to, click on generate link and you will see your affiliate link. Now you can see Your HopLink with your nickname on it, Grab your Click Bank affiliate link, and start promoting your product on your blog, or any other type of traffic that you prefer.

Click Bank HopLink Generator

Learn affiliate Marketing

In conclusion, I would like to tell you several things that are crucial for you to understand, Firstly, that affiliate marketing takes some time and effort if you want to be successful. Secondly, it is not a get rich in one day job. In Other Words, you need to set your time, and make your schedule to manage your business. Make money online is simple, but simply don’t mean easy.

In Addition, do your best to get educated. There are many good affiliate marketing training and courses, where you can learn a lot. Watch youtube videos, and even more importantly, take action and promote your affiliate link.

Meanwhile, If you have any questions or need help, please do not hesitate to contact me. If You want to get in touch with me, do so by dropping a comment in the section below or send me an email using our contact us page. In addition, If you find this Click Bank Review helpful, please like it and share it.

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