How To Build A Website From Scratch?

How to build a website from scratch

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In this post I Am going to be talking about how to build a website from scratch. I will be giving you the necessary tools that you need to create your site and start getting a presence online.

although it is easy to have a website set up and running, the reality is that no many people have the knowledge to do it, but in this post I will do my best to have you create your site well done in a short time.

How to Create A Website For Free?

There are so many website builders that you can use to create your own site. But I will be showing you how to create a website for free with several website builders, that I think are the most popular and easiest ones to use.

Creating Your Site With WordPress

WordPress is one of the most used website builders. If you are trying to create your website or blog. You can start your site for free in minutes and start creating quality content, and valuable information and get ranked by google, bing, and other search engines.

To start creating your free website go to Create a user account and you will be ready to build your site. Lets me remember you that you need to have your website name, choose a theme, and click on create. After a few minutes your site will be ready, and you can start blogging and adding content to your site.

2) Creating your site with wix

To create your Wix website, the first step is to go to Register and create an account, enter your information like name and email, and after a click on get started, they will be guiding you to start your site.

Wix is not a complicated website builder at all, thanks to the ability of drag and drops elements and content to your pages. 

3) Building Your Website With Google My site

Google Site is another place where you can go, and create a website for free. You just need to have a Gmail account. Then you can start building your site by choosing a theme or template. Give your website your desire name and start adding your quality content.

Building Your Website From Scratch 

Now let me show you how to build your website from scratch using WordPress. The first thing that you want to do is go to Now you are going to be landing on the WordPress home page, and click on the start your website button.

How to Build a Website Fron Scratch

Create Your wordpress Account

Now you have to create an account using your email address. Choosing a username, and creating a password, then you hit on to create my account. If you want you can also create your account using the continue with google or continue with apple options.

Create an account in wordpress

Giving Your Site A Domain Name

The next section is where you give your site a domain name. The domain is the address where your website is going to live. Enter the name for your site, it can be the name of your business or a keyword that you would like to target.

Getting your site domain in wordpress

Let’s say that you are building your site to promote a make money online opportunity, for example, “My Make Money Online”, you will be taken to a page where you can pay for a domain or in this case choose the free domain under select, look for the one that says FREE and clicks on the select button. See the image below for more details

Selecting Your WP Plan

Next, you will see a page with a different plan for your website because we are building your website for free, click on the top of the page where say Start with a Free site and after that, you are going to find a page saying that your site had been created.

Create a free website with wordpress

Adding Quality Content To Your Website

Congratulations your website has been created. Now that you have created your website you can start creating your pages and blog posts and make your site appear on the search engines like google and bing. if you have a physical business or digital product to promote you can now start creating valuable content around your product or nitch and start generating income.

This is it, I hope that this how to build a website from the scratch post was helpful for you and if you have any idea or a question please drop me a comment below and I will be back to you as soon as possible. If you like this content valuable please don’t forget to like and share.

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